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English Department

There is no doubt that English has become an essential tool, not only for succeeding in a personal and professional level in the future, but also for being able to relate and communicate with others, enjoy and take full advantage of modern technology today, among other reasons.

In SAN NICOLÁS de Myra we are fully aware of this fact and, as a result, getting our students to reach a high level of English command is among our main objectives.

Our methodology in the English Department is based upon the everyday usage of the English language with our English teachers, be at the classroom or in our EFL Dept. room, school halls and playgrounds. Therefore, our students are exposed to English both visually and auditorily in regular terms, which is meant to achieve a spontaneous use of the language.

In order to teach our programme contents, we use state-of-the-art methodologies through games, activities, projects and interschool competitions, which makes English learning simple, fun and efficient.

In the latest grades, our students are offered the chance to travel to New Zealand on a four-week trip where they can put in practice and improve their level of English through a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Our school and the New Plymouth School in New Zealand have carried out a successful exchange programme, which brings a group of their students to visit us on their turn, every other year. The exchange programme has been a complete success since its implementation, in terms of language learning and cultural achievements for both our schools.

All these means allow us to reach a well-known level of English among other schools in the area, which makes us proud of being an active contributor to our community and motivates us to keep seeking for excellency in our teaching/learning process.